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2X1X1m Hexagonal Gabion Box / Galvanized Gabion Basket Anti Corrosion

2X1X1m Hexagonal Gabion Box / Galvanized Gabion Basket Anti Corrosion

  • High Light

    2X1X1m Hexagonal Gabion Box


    Anti Corrosion Hexagonal Gabion Box


    Anti Corrosion Hexagonal Gabion Basket

  • Selvedge Wire
  • Elongation
    Greater Than Or Equal To 12%
  • Advantage
    Anti Corrosion
  • Feature
    Simple Installation
  • Zinc Coating
    ≥ 240g/m2
  • Type
    Galvanized Wire Mesh
  • Color
    Silver Or PVC Coated
  • Sample
    Sample Support
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Bundle or as your requires
  • Delivery Time
    7-10 Days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability

2X1X1m Hexagonal Gabion Box / Galvanized Gabion Basket Anti Corrosion

Product Description:

Gabion Box

Gabion Box, also known as basket cages, are made of multiple twisted hexagonal woven galvanized or PVC coated steel wire mesh. This creates compartment baskets with a rectangular shape. The internal diaphragms form compartments of equal dimension within the box.

The compartments are then filled with natural stone, and the diaphragms act as barriers to prevent the stones from shifting within the basket. This ensures that the stone is evenly distributed, even in abnormal conditions, and adds strength to the container, enabling it to retain its rectangular shape during the filling process.



Gabion Box Wire Mesh Features

The Gabion box wire mesh offers numerous features that make it an ideal choice for a variety of applications:

  • Economical: The use of gabion boxes is a cost-effective option for constructing retaining walls, erosion control barriers, and other similar structures.
  • Easy to Use: Simply fill the gabion with stones and seal it – no special technology or expertise is required.
  • Quick Installation: With its simple design, gabion boxes can be installed in a relatively short amount of time.
  • Weatherproof and Corrosion Resistant: The gabion box wire mesh is able to withstand natural weathering and is highly resistant to corrosion, making it a durable and long-lasting option.
  • Structural Stability: Even under significant deformation, the gabion boxes will not collapse. This makes them suitable for use in a variety of environments and conditions.
  • Improves Plant Growth: The stones inside the gabion provide ideal conditions for plant growth, making it a natural and environmentally-friendly solution.
  • Blends with the Environment: With its ability to mix in with the natural environment, the gabion box wire mesh is a visually appealing option for various projects.
  • Good Permeation: The gabion's design allows for good water permeation, preventing damage from hydrostatic pressure.
  • Easy to Transport: Due to their foldable design, gabion boxes require less room for transport and can be easily transported to the installation site.

In summary, the gabion box wire mesh offers a practical, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly solution for various purposes. With its durability, ease of use, and versatility, it is an excellent choice for a wide range of projects.


Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Advantage Anti Corrosion
Sample Sample Support
Lacing Wire 2.2mm
Box Size 1x1x1m, 2x1x1m, 3x1x1m, 4x1x1m
Zinc Coating ≥ 240g/m2
Surface Hot Dipped Galvanized
Spiral Wire 2.2mm
Color Silver or PVC Coated
Selvedge Wire 3.0-4.5mm
Type Galvanized Wire Mesh


Gabion Box wire mesh applications

Gabion Box wire mesh, also known as gabion baskets, is a versatile and durable solution for a variety of applications. Its strength and flexibility make it a popular choice for numerous civil engineering and landscaping projects. Some common uses of Gabion Box wire mesh include:

  • Control and guiding of water or flood
  • Building flood banks or guiding banks to prevent water overflow and erosion
  • Prevention of rock breaking by building retaining walls
  • Water and soil protection to prevent erosion and maintain stability
  • Protection of bridges against erosion and water damage
  • Strengthening the structure of soil by using gabion mattresses
  • Protection engineering for seaside areas, such as preventing erosion and maintaining stability of coastlines
  • Construction of seaports using gabion structures for protection against water and wave impact
  • Building isolation walls to contain and control soil or water movement
  • Protecting roads and highways from erosion and landslides

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Hexagonal Gabion Box

The Hexagonal Gabion Box is carefully packaged to ensure its safe delivery to our customers.

  • The gabion box is first wrapped in a layer of protective plastic to prevent any damage during transportation.
  • It is then placed in a sturdy cardboard box with ample cushioning materials to absorb any impact.
  • The box is sealed with strong tape to secure the contents inside.
  • Finally, the box is labeled with the product name, dimensions, and handling instructions.

We offer both domestic and international shipping for our Hexagonal Gabion Box.

  • For domestic orders, we use reputable courier services to ensure timely and safe delivery.
  • For international orders, we work with trusted freight forwarding companies to ensure smooth customs clearance and delivery to your doorstep.
  • Shipping fees will be calculated based on the weight and destination of your order.
  • Once your order is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number so you can monitor the progress of your delivery.

With our careful packaging and reliable shipping methods, you can be assured that your Hexagonal Gabion Box will arrive in perfect condition. Thank you for choosing our product!



  • Q: What is the brand name of this product?
    A: The brand name is ZhongTeng.
  • Q: What is the model number of this product?
    A: The model number is ZT--013.
  • Q: Where is this product manufactured?
    A: This product is manufactured in China.
  • Q: Does this product have any certifications?
    A: Yes, this product is certified with ISO9001.
  • Q: What is the minimum order quantity for this product?
    A: The minimum order quantity is 200 sets.
  • Q: What is the price range for this product?
    A: The price ranges from USD1.1-1.7/m2.
  • Q: How is this product packaged for delivery?
    A: This product can be bundled or packaged according to your requirements.
  • Q: How long is the delivery time for this product?
    A: The delivery time is 7-10 days.
  • Q: What are the payment terms for this product?
    A: The payment terms accepted are TT and LC.
  • Q: What is the supply ability for this product?
    A: The supply ability is 20000m2 per day.

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