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Gabion Box For River Wall

April 30, 2024

                                                                We Just Finished the Gabion Box Project.


At the end of this month, we have just finished the installation of the Gabion Boxes on the embankment, and the customer is very satisfied with our products. Hope to the next Cooperation.



Gabion Box is made of hexagonal wire netting.Wire diameter varies with the hexagonal netting.Flat Gabion, called River or Reno Mattresses, are widely used in river courses where soil erosion is a problem over a large flat or sloped area in need of protection against soil loss or scour.They are used mostly in the civil engineering industry, especially in the construction of roadway drainage structures.


Reinforce and protect slopes of hills and mountains, road roofs;

- Reinforce and protect canal roofs, riverbanks and coasts;

- Reinforcement of dams, spillways, entrances to irrigation works;

- Reinforcing sloping ground, wall, anti-slip;

- Protect bridge foot, electric/telephone pole foundation pit;

- Protection of discharge doors and drains;

- Building retaining walls (gravity walls), preventing landslides of mountainous roads, river banks and coasts;

- Paving canals/ditches to prevent erosion;

- Building dams to block water, dams to store water, control, coordinate and improve flow;

- Embankments, dams, slopes to prevent landslides, landslides and erosion /Water and soil protection


Specifications as below/custom sizes are also available:
Mesh opening (mm) Wire diameter (mm) PVC wire diameter before coated/After coated (mm) Gabion size (m)
60x80 2.0-2.8 2.0-2.8 1 x1x0.5
80x100 2. 2-3.2 2. 2-3.2 1x1x1
100x120 2.4-3.5 2.4-3.5 2x1x1
120x150 2.7-4.0 2.7-4.0 4x1x4
Remark:(PVC gabion) Max wire diameter 4.0mm, max selvedge wire 4.5mm
Gabion type: 1.stainless steel gabion 2.galvanized gabion 3.PVC coated gabion


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